Knotted Headband for Women in Boho Orange Daisy Floral Print

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Take your hairstyle from simple to stylish in seconds with this boho orange daisy floral print knotted headband. This women's headband is handmade with comfort and all-day wear in mind. This fabric is custom-printed by a U.S.-based family-owned small business. What makes our knotted headbands different? Most knotted headbands involve gluing fabric on top of a headband, and this leaves the hard base sitting directly on top of the wearer's head leading to discomfort and headaches. Our headbands are completely covered with fabric and have extra padding at the tips of the headband making them perfect for all-day comfort. These knotted headbands are sized for adult women and are adjustable. Please see the video for instructions on how to adjust the sizing. Each headband includes a Tay Dunworth label on the inside of the headband base. All headbands are sewn by both machine and by hand by the owner, Taylor, in St. Petersburg, FL.