Moira Bird Figure

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From Foreside Home & Garden, this bird figurine makes a great accent to any bookshelf, mantel, or coffee table. It could also be used as a paper weight since it is crafted from heavy cast iron. This piece adds a traditional elegance to any space with its metallic gold finish and classic bird icon. The timeless design makes this a great decor accent, as well as making a great gift for bird lovers. -A decorative accent that adds an elegant charm with its metallic gold finish. -Size and heavy cast iron material makes this a great option for a paper weight for your home office. -Perfect accent for a bookshelf, mantel, or coffee table. Style in multiples for a friendly touch. -Material: Metal -Dimensions: 5.25 x 2 x 2.75"H -This figurine has an elegant, timeless feel that can lean traditional or modern depending on your decor style.