Mermaid Soap

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This adorable soap is scented to remind you of a tropical beach vacation. It has a salty ozone undertone, beneath the sweetness of pineapple and coconut. It’s the perfect scent for a perfect soap. Your bath will take on a new dimension with this magically inspired soap. If you know a mermaid lover, she needs this bar.

This beautiful soap is swirled with blues, and white soap colored with micas and titanium dioxide. It boasts a playful mermaid tail with a the top made to look like foam with nestled in sea foam with a Seashell and a lobster. This is a fun and detailed soap.

It is made with the saponified oils of coconut, lard, olive oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and castor oil. It has a rich lather, smells great and won’t leave your skin feeling dry. It is scented with a fragrance oil, colored with micas, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, ultramarine blue, manganese violet

All goat milk soaps will last you longer, if they are allowed to dry out between uses. The extra glycerin and extra oils in them, that you don’t find in commercially produced soaps, make them softer than commercial soaps, and more susceptible to becoming mushy if left in a puddle of water. Check out our soap dishes if you need something new to allow your soaps to dry.


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