Enchanted Forest Soap

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Enchanted Forest is one of our most popular winter soaps! It is available during the holiday season only - and when is sells out - it is gone till next year. It got a redesign this year with a modification to the trees in hopes they will be sturdier during use and last a little bit longer. Scented with Blue Spruce with hints of sugar.

This soap is made with the saponified oils of lard, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, and castor oil; and colored with titanium dioxide, mica, chromium green oxide.  It also contains kaolin clay to give it that luxurious slip when you’re using it.

And like all our soaps, it is made with the luscious organic milk from our own Poppy, Pepper, Pearl, and Paisley.

Goat milk in soap provides a rich lather and added oils and vitamins that gives you a clean different from any commercially produced soap. In addition, our soaps are all super-fatted leaving them with added oils to nourish skin while cleaning it.

All goat milk soaps will last longer if you allow them to dry out between uses. Be sure to check out our soap dishes that will help your soaps last longer.  Be sure to check out our soap dishes to help you accomplish this.