Axl Windmill Decorative Accent Large

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A fresh and more modern take on the iconic farm shape of a windmill, this decorative accent is the perfect way to infuse a modern farmhouse look into your home. Use to accent your mantel, shelving, or tabletop spaces. The faux-ceramic cream finish combines modern enamel and a classic stoneware-like look. The neutral finish makes this a great option to vignette with your favorite greenery. The windmill really moves! -This decorative windmill accent piece is a great way to bring in elements of modern farmhouse style into your home. -A modern enamel, faux-ceramic cream finish adds a sophisticated and dimensional element to this decorative accent. The blades of the windmill really spin! -Accent your tabletop or shelving with this piece. Pairs well with greenery and colorful botanicals. -Material: Metal -Dimensions: 10.5 x 4 x 20"H