50 Shades -Soap-

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The fragrance matches to design of this soap perfectly. It is scented with a fragrance oil that combines bergamot intertwined with dark oak and burt woodsy notes and just a hint of bourbon.

It is colored with titanium dioxide and activated charcoal. It is made with the saponified oils of lard, coconut, olive, shea butter, avocado, and castor It has a creamy lather and cleans you without stripping your skin of oils. It is super fatter so that there are extra oils left after the saponification process, that help leave you feeling soft and smooth.

Our soaps are made with the amazing organic goat milk that rich in fat and vitamins, milked here on the dairy from Poppy and Pepper… who also happen to be adorable too.

As with all goat milk soap, this will perform better and last longer if it allowed to dry completely between uses. We also sell soap dishes to help with this.